Circuit, motor, and method generating a signal representing back

Electricity: motive power systems – Switched reluctance motor commutation control


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318439, H02P 700




A motor includes a stationary assembly and a rotatable assembly in magnetic coupling relation thereto. The stationary assembly includes a winding, the rotation of the rotatable assembly inducing a back EMF in the winding. A power supply for supplying a voltage across the winding drives a current through the winding. A back EMF sensor connected to the winding generates a back EMF signal representative of the back EMF induced in the winding during periods of time when the voltage is being supplied across the winding. An inverter connected between the power supply and the winding commutates the winding as a function of the back EMF signal, whereby the rotatable assembly rotates. A method of operating the motor and a control circuit for the motor employ the back emf induced in the winding during periods when the voltage is being applied to the winding by the power supply.

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