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428392, 428375, 428447, 524588, 524 28, 524 26, B32B 900, D02G 300, C08G 7704




Treated glass fibers having improved utilization of silane coupling agents are produced which have good strand handling and processing properties and which result in reinforced polymeric materials having good strength properties and good UV color stability. The treated glass fibers having an aqueous treating composition present on a substantial portion of the surface of the glass fibers, wherein the aqueous chemical treating composition has an aqueous dispersion of an internally silylated polyurethane polymer having siliconate anions and one or more dispersing agents in at least an effective dispersing amount, and water in an amount to give a total solids for the aqueous chemical composition for treatment of the glass fibers. The one or more dispersing agents, can be present as external dispersing agents in which case their amounts could be both an effective dispersing amount and an effective lubricating amount. In addition, the dispersing agents can be present with the internally silylated polyurethane polymer as an internal hydrophilic additive like nonionic and/or ionic and/or ionic precursor dispersing agents. In this case, the aqueous chemical treating composition has a glass fiber lubricant present in an effective lubricating amount. The internally silylated polyurethane may also have internal hardening segments to provide hardness to the polyurethane film formed on the glass fibers. The treated glass fibers can be used in reinforcing thermoplastic and thermosetting polymeric materials in various forms of continuous glass fibers and strand and chopped glass fibers and strands and mats of glass fibers and strands.

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