Chemical treatment for fibers and reinforcement for polymer matr

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428375, 428391, 428392, 428404, 524494, D02G 300




Fibrous material including fibers, bundles of fibers, strands, roving, flakes and beads have a dried residue of a chemical treating composition for improved solvent resistance of polymers the fibrous materials reinforced. The chemical treated composition has at least one crosslinkable polyurethane, at least one organofunctional silane coupling agent, and acrylic copolymer with at least one addition polymerizable acrylic-type monomer and at least one monomer that is addition polymerizable and matrix resin miscible and reactable and a carrier. In addition, the chemical treating composition can have a polyurethane crosslinking agent in an effective amount to produce a dried residue of limited swellability from the chemical treatment, where the residue is a thin film on a substantial portion of the surface of the fibrous materials. Optionally, there may be present at least one low temperature antioxidant such as alkali metal and alkaline earth metal hypo or hydrogen phosphites. Also, there may be present in addition or in lieu of the first antioxidant a high temperature antioxidant such as: alkali metal or alkaline earth metal phenylphosphonates, thioethers like dialkyl thioalkylionate and processing aids such as epoxy polyester polymers.

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