"Breathing" lining material having a shaping effect composed of

Stock material or miscellaneous articles – Structurally defined web or sheet – Discontinuous or differential coating – impregnation or bond


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2 9, 2 7, 2272, 428200, 428219, 428235, 428236, 428294, 428340, 428347, A41D 2702, A41D 2706, B32B 512, B32B 714




A breathable lining and shaping material especially suited for garments, comprising a nonwoven layer of randomly arranged fibers superposed on a nonwoven layer of oriented fibers, means holding together the fibers of each layer and holding the layers together, and an outer binder imprinted on the outer face of the oriented fiber layer, the weight of the outer binder being at most 50% of the material weight, the length to width strength ratio of the randomly arranged fiber layer ranging from about 4:1 to 1:4. Advantageously a heat activatable adhesive is provided at spaced locations on the outer face of the randomly arranged layer, whereby the material can be joined to the underside of a garment by hot pressing. The outer binder on the outside of the oriented fiber layer preferably is printed in a regular pattern to ensure that all fibers are tied down by bonds at multiple points.

patent: 3098235 (1963-07-01), Gusman
patent: 3598689 (1971-08-01), Feffer et al.


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