Automatic caplet filler

Package making – Methods – Filling preformed receptacle and closing


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53471, 53485, 53492, 53281, 53299, 53900, B65B 4340, B65B 728, B65B 4350, B65B 4360




An automatic capsule filling apparatus includes a body holding ring and a superposed cap holding ring mounted on a ring carrier. The body holding ring includes rows of body cavities for holding a body portion of a capsule. A vacuum line is connected to an orifice in the bottom of each body cavity for retaining capsule body portions. The cap holding ring is superposed thereover and has corresponding cap cavities for receiving preassembled capsules. The cap holding ring includes a lip for engaging the cap portion when the cap holding ring is lifted from the vacuum-retained body holding ring, thereby removing the cap. The preassembled capsules are properly oriented and inserted into the rings row-by-row by a capsule rectifier. Once the rings are filled with capsules, the body holding ring vacuum is utilized to retain the capsule body portions, and the cap holding ring is lifted from the body holding ring to remove the caps from all of the preassembled empty capsules. The body holding ring is then placed on an incremental rotary table positioned beneath a caplet hopper having juxtaposed chutes for filling the empty body portions with caplets. Once filled, the cap holding ring containing the empty cap portions and the body holding ring containing the caplet filled body portions are closed together in a capsule closing assembly. The caplet filled capsules are then expelled from the cap holding assembly and fall into a vibrator feeder cleaner for subsequent packaging.

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