Automated flowable dunnage dispensing system and method

Package making – Methods – Filling preformed receptacle and closing

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C053S055000, C053S267000

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A system (10) for dispensing dunnage material includes a chute (30) connectable to a supply (20, 40) of flowable dunnage. A container (12) or a bottom of the chute (30) is moved into a dispensing position where the bottom of the chute (30) is proximate the fill plane of the container (12). A controller (16) selectively opens a shutter (50) at the bottom of the chute (30) to dispense dunnage and then closes the shutter (50) to separate the dispensed dunnage from the dunnage in the chute (30) while also removing the dunnage above the fill plane of the container (12). The chute (30) includes at least one substantially horizontal plate member (54) that is openable to selectively vary the size of an aperture (52) created thereby at the bottom of the chute (30) for dispensing dunnage material therethrough.

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