(Aryl)(amino) borane compounds, method for preparing same

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The invention concerns (aryl)(amino)borane compounds and a method for preparing same. Said compounds are of formula A-BH—NR1R2, wherein: R1and R2are selected among linear, branched or cyclic alkyl radicals, and arylalkyl radicals, or R1and R2form together an alkylene; and A represents an aromatic or heteroaromatic group optionally polycondensed, or a group selected among the vinyl, dienyl, polyenyl and alkynyl groups, all said groups optionally bearing at least one substituent. The compounds are obtained by a method which consists in preparing an amine-borane R1R2NH.BH3complex, in transforming it into aminoborane R1R2NBH2by heating, then in reacting it with an A-X compound wherein X is a leaving group.

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Search Report issued in International Application No. PCT/FR02/04512, Apr. 10, 2003.


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