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An adjustable portable saw support, device, assembly, unit, kit, or the like or table or bench formed of spaced metal triangular shaped base units, a cross support or brace which supports a chop saw, radial arm saw, miter saw, or the like, and can have elongated 2".times.4" or 2".times.6" legs secured to each of the base units like a sawhorse. Without legs, the base units can rest in the bed of a pickup, on a tailgate, or on a floor. With legs added thereto, the unit can be raised to any desired height. The portable saw support may be used without a saw as a work table or lumber support surface for use with a hand held drill, circular saw, router, or other power or hand tools. Swing arm supports can support, for example, a plurality of 2".times.10" or 2".times.12" members or lumber laid adjacent one another to provide a large working surface. Each base unit can include an adjustable horizontal end brace or support member which can support one or two 2".times.10" members or boards on the upper surface thereof to form a work surface adjacent the saw or without a saw. Insertion of the 2'.times.6" member into the top of the base unit locks the end brace into position and forms an extension to the right or left of the saw which can extend for 5, 10, 15, 20, or more feet. If a saw is used, it is attached to spaced mounting brackets or supports on a cross-brace is attached to vertical adjustment cross-brace support brackets on the inside of each of the base units. The cross-brace support brackets are adjusted so that the working surface of the saw is raised to the desired level, usually the same height as the 2".times.6" members inserted in the tops of the base units.

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