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Adhesive bonding and miscellaneous chemical manufacture – Surface bonding means and/or assembly means therefor – With means applying wave energy or electrical energy...

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C156S275500, C156S379600, C156S379800

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The object of the present invention is to considerably reduce the amount of heat generated in comparison with a conventional lamp to decrease the thermal effects on an optical disc in an adhesive curing method suitable for curing adhesive supplied between the substrates of a DVD or other optical disc in particular. In the adhesive curing method as claimed in the present invention, an adhesive is cured by irradiating with ultraviolet rays using semiconductor elements that emit ultraviolet rays instead of a lamp. In this case, light-emitting semiconductor elements are used that emit ultraviolet rays having a wavelength within a range in which the transmittance relative to the adhesive before curing is lower than the transmittance relative to the adhesive after curing.

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