Adaptive noise cancellation

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364572, 364574, 36472419, G06F 1546, G05B 1302




A compensator that enables an adaptive filter to be placed within a closed loop control system so as to reduce the effects of both measurable and unmeasurable disturbances on the output of the control loop. The disturbances may have spectra that lie within or outside the bandwidth of the control loop. The effectiveness of the reduction is dependent upon the capabilities of the loop actuator and/or the control electronics. The reduction is not limited only to the bandwidth of the control loop, as in conventional disturbance rejection, and is equally effective against feedback path disturbances which are unreduced in conventional approaches. A further aspect of the invention relates to a reduction of an intrinsic noise floor associated with control systems, including open loop and closed loop control systems, that does not require an independent noise measurement to be made. Also, an adaptive controller is taught that places an adaptive filter in parallel with a control loop to provide a unity response control system that is insensitive to measurable disturbances and which furthermore has an improved control performance relative to a conventional control loop.

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