Acoustically sealing earmuff for an infant

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A cup member defines a cavity for covering an infant's ear, and an annular member extends from an end portion of the cup member. The cup member and the annular member each comprise a first sound attenuating layer of foam material which attenuates high frequency sound and a second sound attenuating layer of a material which attenuates low frequency sound. The annular member has a surface for placing the earmuff against the infant's head. A hydrogel adhesive is disposed on the surface for bonding the earmuff to the infant's head. The hydrogel layer preferably extends along the plane defined by the surface of the annular member and into the cavity defined by the cup member for bonding the earmuff to a substantially hairless portion of the infant's head located behind the pinna. A portion of the annular member may be creased for forming a bendable tab which helps to conform the earmuff to the curvature of the infant's head behind the ear, and a slit may be formed in the cup member to prevent air pressure build-up in the event of compression of the cup member.

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