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383109, 426415, 428 68, 428 74, 428 76, 428121, 428192, 428283, 428297, 428296, 428913, 428131, B32B 300




The absorbent package of this invention includes a mono-layer, flexible, nonwoven fibrous web, heat sealed to itself and an absorbent sealed within the fibrous web. The fibrous web is permeable to both gas and water. The fibrous web includes a first phase and a second phase. The first phase includes long cellulosic fibers which comprises from about 65 to about 70% of the overall fibrous web. The second phase includes synthetic and thermoplastic fibers which comprise from about 30 to about 35% of the overall fibrous web. The fibrous web further includes a plurality of pores with tortuously configured pore channels. The pores have a pore size range from a high of about 0.00466 microns to a low of about 0.00099 microns to provide absolute containment of the absorbent within the package. The pores are distributed throughout the fibrous web in a manner whereby any fluid which is exteriorly disposed proximate to the package is transferred through the pores and is absorbed by the absorbent and, at the same time, is wicked by the fibers, thereby providing a rapid transfer of the fluid into the absorbent package.

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