Abrasive disc holder

Abrasive tool making process – material – or composition – With carbohydrate or reaction product thereof


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51378, B24D 908




A holder for supporting an abrasive disc having a centrally located nut member and with the nut member including a flange portion located adjacent the disc and a thread portion extending from the flange portion, the holder including a central metallic member, a stud member extending through the central metallic member and including a threaded end portion, a flexible pad portion supported by and extending radially outwardly from the central metallic member to support the abrasive disc, a stop member composed of a low friction plastic material and with a first portion of the stop member disposed around and spaced from the threaded end portion of the stud member and with a second portion of the stop member located adjacent to the central metallic member and with the stop member captured in position for free rotation relative to the central metallic member and the stud member when the holder is not-supporting the abrasive disc, and the threaded end portion of the stud member for receiving the threaded portion of the nut member of the abrasive disc to thread the abrasive disc onto the holder and with the second portion of the stop member for abutting the flange portion of the nut member to compress the stop member to abut the central metallic member as the abrasive disc is threaded onto the holder.

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