Abrasion resistant urethane topcoat

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The invention provides a two-part urethane topcoat essentially including a polyol component, an isocyanate component and a hydroxy functional, polyether-modified polysiloxane copolymer component. The polysiloxane copolymer component has a molecular weight ranging from between about 1,000 to about 10,000; and is typically present in an amount ranging from between about 0.001 to about 10 weight percent. The equivalent weight (i.e., a ratio of the molecular weight of the polymer to one functional group) ratio of the --NCO molecule to the --OH molecule ranges from between about 1.0 to about 2.0. The top coat coating prepared in accordance with the present invention has an improved the abrasion resistance, mar resistance and detergent resistance. These improved properties are especially useful for golf balls, more particularly, driving range golf balls, since it will maintain the glossy appearance and sharp outline of an ink logo printed on a golf ball for a much longer period of time, thus increasing the effective life of the golf balls.

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