Abrasion preventive structure of reciprocating compressor

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C092S13000R, C092S155000

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In an abrasion preventive structure of a reciprocating compressor, by forming a coating layer made of Ni—P alloy material having high hardness onto the surface of a frame at which front (92) and rear (93) resonance springs are contacted or spring mounting grooves (91a, 92a) of a spring supporting rod (91) or spring fixation protrusions or the inner circumference of a cylinder built-in type frame, although each resonance spring (92, 93) is rotated while repeating compression/relaxation, it is possible to prevent abrasion of the spring mounting grooves (91a, 92a) or the spring fixation protrusions, and accordingly reliability of the compressor can be improved.

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English translation of Chinese Office Action issued Aug. 26, 2005 in connection with corresponding Chinese application no.028053907.
Proposed claim amendments to Chinese application no. 028053907.
Proposed claims for Chinese application no. 028053907 without revision indications.
Untranslated Office Action issued by Chinese Patent Office on Aug. 26, 2005 in connection with corresponding Chinese application no. 028053907.


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