2-Amino-3,5-dicyano-6-(substituted)pyrazine antimicrobial compou

Drug – bio-affecting and body treating compositions – Designated organic active ingredient containing – Having -c- – wherein x is chalcogen – bonded directly to...


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544336, 544408, C07D24118, C07D24120, A01N 4360




Antimicrobial compounds of the formula: ##STR1## wherein: R is mono- or di-substituted mono- or diloweralkylamino wherein the loweralkyl substituents are hydroxy or loweralkanoyloxy; 4-morpholino; thiocyano; mercapto; straight or branched chain C.sub.1-8 alkylthio; mono- or di-substituted lower alkylthio wherein the substituents are hydroxy, amino, loweralkanoylamino, or loweralkoxycarbonyl; arylthio; loweralkylsulfoxy; or loweralkylsulfonyl; are useful in various agricultural and industrial areas.

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