2,9-dichloro-quinacridone as α-quinacridone crystal...

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C106S031770, C106S495000, C524S090000, C544S049000, C544S056000

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The invention is directed to a method or use of 2,9-dichloro-quinacridone as an alpha crystal phase inhibitor and optionally, 4,11-dichloroquinacridone during the beta-quinacridone or gamma-quinacridone crude pigment particle size reduction processes. The invention is also directed to solid solutions of quinacridone comprising about 98 to about 80 weight % gamma or beta-quinacridone, about 0.1 to about 10 weight % 2,9-dichloroquinacridone and about 0.1 to about 10 weight % 4,11-dichloroquinacridone.

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