2,2-bis-(hydroxymethyl)cyclopropylidenemethyl-purines and...

Drug – bio-affecting and body treating compositions – Designated organic active ingredient containing – Having -c- – wherein x is chalcogen – bonded directly to...

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C514S263370, C514S263400, C544S265000, C544S276000, C544S278000

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Compounds which are active against viruses have the following formulas:wherein B is a purine or pyrimidine heterocyclic ring or base. In a preferred embodiment, the purine include 6-aminopurine (adenine), 6-hydroxypurine (hypoxanthine), 2-amino-6-hydroxypurine (guanine), 2,6-diamino-purine, 2-amino-6-azidopurine, 2-amino-6-halo substituted purines such as 2-amino-6-chloropurine, 2-amino-6-fluoropurine, 2-amino-6-alkoxypurines such as 2-amino-6-methoxypurine, 2-amino-6-cyclopropylaminopurine, 2-amino-6-alkylamino or 2-amino-6-dialkylamino substituted purines, 2-amino-6-thiopurine, 2-amino-6-alkylthio substituted purines, 3-deazapurines, 7-deazapurines and 8-azapurines. The pyrimidine incorporates cytosine, uracil and thymine, 5-halo substituted cytosines and uracils, 5-alkyl substituted cytosines and uracils including derivatives with a saturated or unsaturated alkyl group and 6-azapyrimidines.

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