13-Oxatetracyclo[8.2.1.sup.2,9.0.0.sup.3,8 ]tridec-5-ene-1,5,6,1

Chemistry of carbon compounds – Miscellaneous organic carbon compounds – C-metal


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260251R, 26023975, 2602399, 260307R, 260290R, 260307H, 260302R, 26032633, 260329F, 2603461R, C07D30777




13-Oxatetracyclo[8.2.1.sup.2,9.0.0.sup.3,8 ]tridec-5-ene-1,5,6,10-tetracarbonitrile; clathrates thereof with monocyclic unsubstituted aromatic compounds; and methods of separating organic admixtures.

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J. Am. Chem. Soc. 86, 1964, No. 23, pp. 5140-5144.


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