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271 31, 271197, 271212, G03G 1500, B65H 104, B65H 3100




An apparatus 20 and method for recirculating document sheets to and from the imaging station 23 of a copier 10, with seriatim feeding and inverting of a set of individual conventional flimsy document sheets unescorted (without a carrier) to and from a stack of document sheets loaded in a stack support 22 overlying the imaging station 23, to provide for properly collated output copy sets from the copier, with loading the stack of document sheets face-up in said stack support in normal forward serial page order, feeding 28 the document sheets so loaded from one end of the top of said stack seriatim in forward serial page order for copying, and restacking 70 the copied document sheets seriatim on the bottom of the opposite end of the same stack in the same order, to provide continuous document sheet recirculation in said forward serial page order. The restacking preferably includes intermittent lifting 72 of the stack from one end, a vacuum belt sheet transport 74 and air flotation 76 of the stack. Compatible alternative duplex document recirculative copying 58 is provided.

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