Zeolite catalyst and use for hydrocarbon conversion

Catalyst – solid sorbent – or support therefor: product or process – Zeolite or clay – including gallium analogs – And additional al or si containing component

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C502S061000, C502S063000, C502S064000, C502S078000, C502S079000, C502S073000, C502S071000, C502S077000

Reexamination Certificate



There is provided a zeolite bound zeolite catalyst which can be tailored to optimize its performance and a process for converting hydrocarbons utilizing the zeolite bound zeolite catalyst. The zeolite bound zeolite catalyst comprises a first zeolite and a binder comprising a second zeolite. The structure type of the second zeolite is different from the structure type of the first zeolite. The zeolite bound zeolite finds particular application in hydrocarbon conversion process, e.g., catalytic cracking, alkylation, disproportional of toluene, isomerization, and transalkylation reactions.

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