Quick release and automatic positive locking mechanism for socke

Tools – Wrench – screwdriver – or driver therefor – Handle or shank


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403379, B25G 302




A quick-release and positive locking mechanism adapted for use on tools for receiving removable sockets, and particularly adapted for use on extension bars of the type frequently employed with socket wrenches. One form of the mechanism comprises a drive stud having a diagonally disposed bore or opening extending therethrough and having a movable member mounted in said bore with its lower end adapted to extend beyond the contour of the bar and into a recess in the socket or like attachment to hold the same when in one position and to be withdrawn from said recess to release the socket or like attachment in another position and with its upper end extending beyond the contour of the drive stud above said socket or like attachment for access for manual movement. The angle of the bore or opening and the construction of the pin is such that force exerted to remove an attached socket or other attachment cannot generate a component of force on said movable member in the direction of its possible movement such as would cause an accidental or unintended release of said socket.

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