Polarization plane maintaining optical fiber fabricating method

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65 312, C03C 2502




An optical fiber having an intense polarization plane maintenability is constructed of an optical waveguide having a circular core and a circular cladding, a jacket formed on the outer circumference of the optical waveguide and having an elliptical outer circumference, and a supporting portion formed on the jacket.
In order to fabricate the above-specified optical fiber, a preformed rod therefor is prepared by forming the inner wall of an silica glass tube with the jacket and the optical waveguide made of such materials as satisfy a relationship of c.sub.2 /a.gtoreq.200/(100-.gamma.)-1, wherein: letter .gamma. stands for the ellipticity of the outer circumference of the aforementioned jacket; letter c.sub.2 stands for the minor axis of an ellipse; and letter a stands for the radius of the circular optical waveguide, and by subsequently collapsing the aforementioned silica glass tube while having its internal pressure made lower than the atmospheric pressure by 1 to 20 mmH.sub.2 O.

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