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The invention concerns a microscope stand with a stand base, a support for the optical components, and a carrying grip.
Microscopes of this type, having a carrying grip for easier carrying, are known in various forms. The carrying grip turns out to be particularly advantageous if, for example, in teaching organizations, the microscope must be frequently transported and the microscope cannot be gripped with one hand due to its construction.
Known carrying grips are either rigidly attached to the microscope, for example, screwed on, or the carrying grip is formed by a hand-fitting opening through the microscope stand which serves as a carrying handle. In the first instance, not only is the overall appearance detracted from by the projecting carrying grip, but also the space requirement is increased, which has an effect on the design of the instrument case. In the second instance, no additional space is necessary but here too the appearance of the microscope stand is detracted from. Further, due to the removal of material, the opening in the stand necessarily leads to reduced rigidity of the stand. Rigidity is often very important, however, for example, when relatively heavy auxiliary equipment such as connecting tubes, camera bodies, etc. is attached to the stand for microphotography.
The underlying problem of the invention is thus to develop a microscope stand of the type described initially supra, whereby on the one hand the appearance of the microscope is not detracted from, and on the other hand, the rigidity is completely preserved even at relatively heavy loads.
This problem is solved according to the invention in that the carrying grip is collapsibly disposed on the beam of the microscope stand. By means of this configuration, the carrying grip is not directly visible from outside when in the non-carrying position, and basically forms a unit with the microscope stand, so that the appearance of the microscope is not negatively affected and no additional space is taken up. At the same time, the configuration does not reduce the rigidity. Further, the arrangement ensures that during carrying the microscope retains substantially the same attitude as in the operating state and is not tilted; accordingly, the oculars cannot fall out of the tube during carrying.
The carrying grip may advantageously be swingable into a recess in the beam, whereby said recess may have various forms due to considerations of fabrication technology or other considerations. According to one feature of the invention, the recess may run in a U-shape around the upper edges of the beam. The carrying grip, which is swingable around a transverse axis and locks configurationally in the recess, then has a loop shape. The recess may also be T-shaped, with the associated carrying grip having an equivalent shape, with its longitudinal arm running parallel to the longitudinal edges of the beam, and said grip also being mounted so as to be swingable in and out, around a transverse axis. Further, one may have a U-shaped recess with its main edge parallel to a side edge of the beam. In this case, the rotational axis of the carrying grip is in the middle of the beam, running longitudinally, with the carrying grip also having a loop shape, or a hook shape. It goes without saying that in all the embodiments mentioned a catch or spring is furnished which catches or holds the carrying grip in its swung-out position.
According to one feature of the invention, the carrying grip may be slidable into an elongated opening for accommodating it, in the beam of the microscope stand. The carrying grip is attached to the top end of a vertically slidable bar, resulting in a shape like a cane grip. Spring-loaded means for holding or locking the carrying grip in its end positions are provided. By pressing on the key-like carrying grip it may be caused to collapse and lock configurationally in the beam, then with a second pressing it flicks out of the opening in the beam and into the carrying position. A spring catch may be used for this, for example, of the known

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