Method of forming superconducting YBa.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.7-x t

Superconductor technology: apparatus – material – process – High temperature – per se – Having tc greater than or equal to 150 k


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505731, 505742, 505730, 20419224, 427 62, 427 531, 427 38, C23C 1434, B05D 306, B05D 512




A method of forming a superconducting YBa.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.7-x thin film with selected crystal orientation is described which comprises the steps of sputtering simultaneously Y, Ba and Cu onto the surface of a substrate, introducing oxygen at said surface during deposition, controlling the stoichiometry of the elements Y, Ba or both richer or poorer than the 1:2:3 stoichiometry within a few atom percent and followed by annealing to selectively grow an a-axis or a c-axis oriented film of YBa.sub.2 Cu.sub.3 O.sub.7-x.

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