Method and apparatus for stretching and mounting a screen...

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C101S127000, C101S127100, C101S129000

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A method and apparatus for stretching and mounting a screen printing screen or mesh that separates the tensioning of the screen/mesh into two independent directions with the screen/mesh attached to two separate independent frames. The outer frame has two ends perpendicular to a print direction for attaching to ends of a screen mesh. The outer frame is placed outside of the inner frame, and supports the screen/mesh tensioned in the print direction of movement, with a high level of tension. The inner frame has two sides parallel to a print direction for attaching to the sides of the screen/mesh. The sides of the inner frame can apply tension, when applicable, to the screen/mesh, at a significantly lower tension level in the non-print direction, can act as, or provide a fixing point for barriers to stop the leakage or loss of the print medium or ink from the screen.

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