Macrocyclic polymers having low hysteresis compounded properties

Synthetic resins or natural rubbers -- part of the class 520 ser – Synthetic resins – At least one aryl ring which is part of a fused or bridged...


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524571, 524576, 524586, 525106, 525194, 525195, 525196, 5253319, 5253323, 5253328, 5253329, 5253595, 5253596, 525370, 525371, 525374, 525375, 525379, 525382, 525383, 526175, 526176, 526183, 526190, 152450, C08K 336, C08K 304, C08F 3604




The present invention provides a method of anionic synthesis of stable macrocyclic polymers that are compounded to form vulcanizable elastomeric compounds exhibiting reduced hysteresis properties. Cyclic organometallic compounds containing divalent metal atoms of Groups IIA and IIB of the Periodic System are employed as initiators of anionic polymerization of conjugated diene, vinyl aromatic and/or triene monomers. Coupling of the living ends of the resulting macrocyclic polymers or copolymers with a coupling agent or a coupling agent that is also a functionalizing agent results in stable macrocyclic polymers with improved hysteresis properties.

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