Illuminator grids and method of forming baffles therefor

Static structures (e.g. – buildings) – Louvered panel


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52507, 52662, 52675, E06B 708




A series of upright, longitudinally extending baffles are supported in parallel array, with the transverse or secondary baffles being formed by twisting out of the webs of the primary baffles an area initially separated by slots which leave a stem connecting the secondary baffle with the web at two opposed positions, normally the top and bottom. When the secondary baffle is twisted, each of the webs is twisted, as to, to support the secondary baffle transversely to the primary baffles. Normally, the secondary baffles extend the same distance to each side of the corresponding primary baffle. The secondary baffles of one primary baffle are normally interspaced with the secondary baffles of the adjacent primary baffles. Upright ribs and upper and lower edges formed as offset flanges may be utilized to strengthen the primary baffles, while a tubular strip may engage the lower angular flange, so that a spring pressed pin may extend from the reinforcing tube of one baffle into the reinforcing tube of the next baffle in line. The longitudinal baffles may be connected to supporting rails by a specially formed slot in a depending rib of the supporting rail and cooperating notches in the upper corner of the corresponding longitudinal baffle.

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