Facile synthesis of symmetric esters of...

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C558S087000, C558S089000, C558S090000, C558S092000, C562S020000, C562S021000, C562S022000, C548S250000, C548S255000

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A facile synthesis of symmetric esters of C1-C10alkylenebisphopsphonic acids is disclosed in which a C1-C10alkylenebis(phosphonic dichloride) is reacted with an alcohol in the presence of a catalytic amount of 1H-tetrazole and a base in an aprotic solvent to form a first reaction mixture. The first reaction mixture is maintained for a time period sufficient to form a C1-C10alkylenebis(chloro ester phosphonate) that is reacted under basic conditions with an excess of a hydroxylated compound to form a second reaction mixture that is itself maintained for a time period sufficient to form a C1-C10alkylenebis(ester phosphonate) partial ester, homoleptic tetraester or mixed tetraester. The material so formed can be recovered or used as is.

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