Electroacoustic transducer comprising a superconducting element

Superconductor technology: apparatus – material – process – High temperature – per se – Having tc greater than or equal to 150 k


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505701, 505705, 381203, 381204, 381205, 381188, 381192, 181167, H04R 700, H04R 1300, H04R 2302




An electroacoustic transducer comprises a terminal (1-1'), a voice coil (2) coupled to the terminal, and a diaphragm (4). The transducer further comprises an element (other than the voice coil) made of a superconducting material which cooperates with the voice coil (2) to provide electromechanical conversion of an electric signal appearing at the terminal (1-1') into vibrations of the diaphragm, or vice versa.

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