Electric motor having a multipole rotor and a multipole stator

Electrical generator or motor structure – Dynamoelectric – Rotary

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C310S087000, C310S088000

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An electric motor is provided with rotor and stator. The stator includes stator poles radially facing the rotor and surrounded by stator windings. An insulating sleeve is positioned between the rotor and stator. The sleeve includes projections arranged radially with respect to the rotor. The projections project in a direction away from the sleeve and rotor and towards the stator. The projections project between adjacent stator poles and may further serve to anchor the poles. The projections may have a T or elongated T shape. The projections and sleeve are rigid and either or both may be made of plastic. The sleeve provides a moisture or liquid tight insulation for the stator so that the motor can be used in moist or liquid environments.

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