Control unit for an irrigation system

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I. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to a control unit for an irrigation system.
II. Discussion of Prior Art
In the gardening sector automated irrigation systems are known that base their operation on electronic control units.
The control units have become increasingly sophisticated, allowing ever more flexible and customizable controls.
However, with the increase in their performances, the control units have become increasingly more complicated to use, since even the more frequently used functions are inevitably made more complicated.
In view of the state of the art, the object of the present invention is to provide a control unit for irrigation systems that allows more flexible, accurate and customisable controls without, on the other hand, being more difficult in its use, at least as regards the more frequently used functions. According to the present invention, such object is achieved thanks to a control unit for an irrigation system, comprising a programmable electronic control unit having a plurality of output control lines for the control of actuators of the irrigation system and comprising programming means for setting data that condition the operation of the control unit, characterized in that said programming means are operable to allow a standard method of programming of said electronic control unit for setting data suitable for allowing the base operation of the control unit, and an advanced method of programming for setting further data suitable for customizing the base operation of the control unit.
A control unit according to the present invention is simple to use, thanks to the fact that it has two distinct methods of programming: it is thus possible to separate the functions of more frequent use, related among other things to the setting of base data for the operation of the control unit, from the more advanced functions to achieve more sophisticated and customized controls.

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