Composition useful in anionic polymerization

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526173, C08F 448




This invention relates to the preparation of solution polymers and rubbers from vinyl monomers using a new catalyst complex of a barium di-tert-alkoxide-hydroxide salt and ann organic lithium compound. In particular, homopolymers and copolymers of butadiene with styrene and/or isoprene, prepared with this catalyst, are uniquely characterized by the butadiene units having a low vinyl content (not over about 12%) and a trans-1,4 structure of from about 70 to 81%. Also, the copolymer has a random comonomer sequence distribution. This molecular structure permits elastomers containing little or no styrene to have sufficient stereoregularity to crystallize. Furthermore, the butadiene homopolymer and copolymer with styrene and/or isoprene exhibit a broad molecular weight distribution as well as tack and green-strength which are valuable properties for a rubber to possess when building tires.

patent: 3163630 (1964-12-01), Pampus et al.
patent: 3629213 (1971-12-01), Onishi et al.
patent: 3886130 (1975-05-01), Lim et al.


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