Closed cycle system for generating usable energy from waste heat

Power plants – Motive fluid energized by externally applied heat – Motor mounted in or on boiler


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606417, 60670, F01K 1100




A closed cycle system for generating usable energy from heat sources wherein the available temperature difference between the heat source and the heat sink is F. or greater such as in tropical ocean waters having a temperature gradient between the surface water and the below surface waters has a steam or gas turbine operatively mounted on and associated with an evaporator-condenser assembly for generating and delivering vapors such as steam for driving the turbine and for condensing steam exhausting from said turbine. The evaporator-condenser assembly has a common wall between the evaporator section and the condensing section and also a U-shaped seal and transfer passage therebetween for transferring condensed fluid from the condensing section to the evaporating section. Due to the large volume of vapors required at the relatively low temperature at which this system operates, the evaporating section has a pump delivery system and a cascade tray system to adjust the rate of evaporation of the working fluid such as water therein.
The system as above described including a condensing section for obtaining distilled water as a by-product of the operation of the system.

patent: 2006985 (1935-07-01), Claude et al.
patent: 4189647 (1980-02-01), Wittig
patent: 4189924 (1980-02-01), LaCoste


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