Analytical element and method for determination of magnesium ion

Chemistry: analytical and immunological testing – Metal or metal containing – Present in biological fluids


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436 79, 422 56, 422 57, 422 58, G01N 3122, G01N 3320




An analytical element is used to determine magnesium ions at a pH of from about 8.5 to about 11. This element comprises an absorbent carrier material containing a 1,5-bis(2-hydroxyphenyl)-3-cyanoformazan compound which is substituted in at least one of the 3-, 4- and 5-positions of either phenyl moiety. The substituents are chosen such that their cumulative Hammett-sigma value is greater than about 0.23, provided that none of the substituents is carboxy. The assay is carried out in the presence of a calcium ion chelating agent and a suitable buffer. In preferred embodiments, the cyanoformazan is incorporated in the element in such a manner so as to be isolated from protein molecules which may be encountered in the assay.

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