Amplification of mixed sequence nucleic acid fragments

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435 911, 435 915, 435 9151, 435 6, 436501, 536 231, 536 253, 935 7, 935 16, 935 17, 935 78, C12P 1934




A method of amplifying a mixture of different-sequence DNA fragments which may be formed from RNA transcription, or derived from genomic single- or double-stranded DNA fragments. The fragments are treated with terminal deoxynucleotide transferase and a selected deoxynucleotide, to form a homopolymer tail at the 3' end of the anti-sense strands, and the sense strands are provided with a common 3'-end sequence. The fragments are mixed with a homopolymer primer which is homologous to the homopolymer tail of the anti-sense strands, and a defined-sequence primer which is homologous to the sense-strand common 3'-end sequence, with repeated cycles of fragment denaturation, annealing, and polymerization, to amplify the fragments. In one embodiment, the defined-sequence and homopolymer primers are the same, i.e., only one primer is used. The primers may contain selected restriction-site sequences, to provide directional restriction sites at the ends of the amplified fragments.

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