Adjustable clamping band for gaskets and method for using same

Seal for a joint or juncture – Seal between relatively movable parts – Relatively rotatable radially extending sealing face member


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277101, 277207A, 277212FB, 24 20TT, 24580, 285237, 285258, 52 20, F16J 1552




A clamping band for clamping a resilient gasket against an opening within a wall to provide a fluid-tight seal therebetween. The clamping band is generally circular-shaped and has an elongated slot extending inwardly from one free end of the clamping band and cooperates with an elongated projection of reduced cross section as compared with the nominal cross section of the clamping band and which is provided at the opposite end of the band. The projection is inserted into the slot, the clamping band is placed against the gasket arranged within the aforesaid opening and the gasket is expanded a predetermined amount by an hydraulic expander to exert the desired clamping pressure upon the resilient gasket. One surface of the projection is provided with a series of teeth. An opening communicating with said slot receives a wedge fitted into said opening and having several teeth along one surface thereof, which teeth conform to the teeth of said projection. Insertion of the wedge inter-engages the teeth of the projection and the wedge locking the clamping band in the desired position with the requisite amount of the clamping pressure. The wedge is preferably tapped into the locking position and is also removable for whatever purpose and is reusable. The teeth may be replaced with openings in opposite sidewalls of the slot and in the projection. The insert is replaced by drive pins inserted into cooperating openings in the projection and sidewalls.

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