90 degree speed reducer assembly, process, and measuring machine

Measuring and testing – Toothed gear


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G01M 1302




A gauge is provided for locating the center of curvature of a worm gear. The worm gear is part of a worm gear assembly which includes the worm gear, a shaft on which the worm gear is fixed, and two bearing assemblies. The gauge includes a base having a table and a worm gear bracket assembly on the table for removably receiving the worm gear assembly. The table is mounted on the base to be movable horizontally relative to the base. A vertical support extends above the base and includes a worm bracket which receives a worm. The worm bracket is mounted on the vertical support for vertical movement relative to the vertical support. The worm and worm gear are maintained in meshing contact with each other. A linear motion device is operably connected to the table to move the table, and hence the worm gear assembly, relative to the base and the worm. Thus, as the worm gear is moved horizontally relative to the worm, the worm will move vertically. Sensors or measuring devices are provided to determine the horizontal position of the worm gear and the vertical position of the worm. The horizontal coordinate which corresponds to the lowest vertical coordinate corresponds to the location of the center of curvature of the worm gear.

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