Zeolite ZSM-48 catalyst and method for improving paraffinic...

Mineral oils: processes and products – Chemical conversion of hydrocarbons – Cracking

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C208S108000, C208S111010, C208S111350, C502S064000, C502S066000, C502S074000

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The invention pertains to a catalyst that consists of a substrate made of at least one matrix and at least one zeolite that is selected from the group composed of the zeolites ZSM-48, EU-11, and ZBM-30, whereby, at the level of the zeolite, at least one noble metal of Group VIII is deposited on said substrate. The noble metal is preferably located on the outer surfaces of the zeolite crystals, and more preferable at the mouths of pores. The invention also pertains to a process for preparing the catalyst and utilizing the catalyst to treat hydrocarbon feedstocks, and especially for improving their pour points.

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