Wafer holding fixture for chemical reaction processes in rapid t

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428408, 428698, 428 9, 428 344, 428 64, 428 65, 428174, 428177, 428166, 428220, 156610, 219 10491, 118725, B32B 302, C23C 1600




A semiconductor wafer holding and support fixture having a low effective thermal mass comprises a planar surface having a recess for a wafer and consisting essentially of chemical vapor deposited silicon carbide. The wafer holder is specifically designed to isolate the wafer from regions of significant thermal mass of the holder. The wafer holder is particularly adapted for accomplishing chemical reactions in rapid thermal processing equipment in the fabrication of electronic integrated circuits. The method for making such an article comprises shaping a substrate, e.g. graphite, to provide a planar surface having a recess installing means for masking any regions of the substrate where silicon carbide is not desired, chemically vapor depositing a conformal outer coating of silicon carbide onto the substrate, removing the means for masking and removing the graphite by machining, drilling, grit-blasting, dissolving and/or burning.

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