Ultrarefined arabinogalactan product

Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series – Organic compounds – Carbohydrates or derivatives


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536127, 536124, 536 11, 536103, 530507, 530500, C07H 100, C08B 3700




The invention is a very highly refined arabinogalactan gum falling within the molecular weight range of 6,000-2,500,000 and having a tannic acid equivalent of less than about 0.5 mg/g. The preferred product will have a molecular weight within the range of 6,000-1,300,000 and tannic acid equivalent no higher than about 0.25. The product is nearly colorless and is tasteless and odorless. it is prepared by first making a crude water extract of a natural source such as larch wood. This extract is next refined by the addition of an active MgO to precipitate the bulk of the lignans and iron containing compounds. Following that it is processed through a membrane no larger than about 0.45 .mu.m to remove any species having molecular weights in excess of about 2,500,000. The permeate may then be treated on successively smaller membranes down to about 6,000 daltons. The permeate through the 6,000 dalton membrane contains virtually all of the monomers, homopolymers, and other materials that would contribute to the osmolality of a resulting solution of the ultrarefined arabinogalactan. The product is especially useful for medical research involving cell separation by density gradient since its contribution to the osmolality of a solution is essentially zero.

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