Turbine for a dental handpiece

Dentistry – Apparatus – Having motor or means to transmit motion from motor to tool


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415904, A61C 105




A turbine for a dental handpiece. The turbine (10) includes a rotor housing (16) having at least first and second opposite end portions fabricated of a ceramic material, the rotor housing defining a cylindrical rotor chamber (18) therein. At least one inlet port (20) is provided in the rotor housing (16) for placing the rotor chamber in fluid communication with a source of pressurized fluid, and an outlet port (22) is provided for exhausting the pressurized fluid from the rotor chamber (18). The turbine (10) also includes a rotor member (24) mounted in the rotor chamber (18) of the rotor housing, the rotor member also being fabricated of a ceramic material. The rotor member (24) defines a first end portion (28) which is received through an opening (38) provided in the first end portion (28) of the rotor housing (16) for engaging and supporting a dental tool member (14). The rotor member (24) also includes a rotor disk (32) which carries a plurality of blades (34), and which is selectively rotated by the flow of pressurized fluid from the inlet port (20).

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Star Dental, Lube Free TURBINE Brochure, Division of Den-tal-ez, Inc 1991.


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