System of implantable ultrasonic emitters for preventing...

Surgery – Diagnostic testing – Detecting nuclear – electromagnetic – or ultrasonic radiation

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C128S899000, C601S002000, C623S001100, C623S001110, C623S001210

Reexamination Certificate



A system and method that minimizes plaque accumulation on a stent and thereby restenosis that could require a subsequent invasive medical procedure following implantation of the stent in a patient. A plurality of electrically-powered, biocompatible devices, implantable via injection, are positioned within the patient proximate to the stent and under control of a externally-placed controller are commanded to emit ultrasonic waves corresponding to the mechanical resonance of the stent. By controlling the frequency and the relative phases of the ultrasonic waves, the accumulation of plaque on the stent can thus be minimized.

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