Semiconductor device

Active solid-state devices (e.g. – transistors – solid-state diode – Regenerative type switching device – With housing or external electrode

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C257S178000, C257S182000, C257S150000, C257S678000

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A semiconductor device is disclosed that includes a first and a second semiconductor package. Each semiconductor package includes a semiconductor element, a plurality of electrode members, and an encapsulating member. The semiconductor elements are interposed between the respective electrode members, and the electrode members are in electrical communication with and provide heat transfer for the respective semiconductor element. The encapsulating member encapsulates the respective semiconductor element between the respective electrode members, and an outer surface of each of the electrode members is exposed from the respective encapsulating member. Each semiconductor package includes a connecting terminal electrically coupled to one of the electrode members and extending outward so as to be exposed from the respective encapsulating member. The connecting terminals are electrically connected by abutment or via a conductive junction material.

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