Reduced friction projectile

Ammunition and explosives – Projectiles – Composite

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C102S525000, C102S524000, C102S517000

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A projectile includes a leading part formed by a tip, a tip base, and a leading rod. A trailing part includes a main base, a truncate base, and a trailing rod. A leading end of a cylindrical interface abuts an annular shoulder where the tip meets the tip base and a trailing end abuts an annular shoulder where the main base meets the truncate base. The tip base and the truncate base respectively support the leading and trailing ends of the cylindrical interface. A medial extent of the cylindrical interface is unsupported by the leading and trailing rods and is deformed radially inwardly by lands in a barrel when the projectile is fired. The leading and trailing ends of the cylindrical interface maintain contact with the lands and the medial extent does not, reducing friction between the projectile and the barrel without sacrificing spin of the projectile.

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