Rare earth metal-series alloys for storage of hydrogen

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420416, 420455, 420900, 423644, C22C 1903, C22C 2800, C01B 624




A rare-earth metal series alloy for storage of hydrogen is represented by a general formula of Rem.sub.1 Ni.sub.w Al.sub.x Fe.sub.y M.sub.z as an atomic ratio (wherein Rem is at least one rare earth element such as Mischmetal, M is at least one of Cu, Nb, Si and Zr, and 2.5<w<5.5, 0<x<2.0, 0<y<2.0, 0<z<2.0 and 4.0.ltoreq.w+x+y+z.ltoreq.6.0). Further, the alloy is coated with a film of at least one of Pd, Cu and Ni having a thickness of 100-1000 .ANG..

patent: 4152145 (1979-05-01), Sandrock
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patent: 4378331 (1983-03-01), Bruning et al.


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