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536 2431, 536 231, 536 235, 435 6, 4352523, 4353201, C07H 2104, C12Q 168, C12N 1563, C12N 120




The present invention provides three Rab proteins (designated individually as HRABS-1, HRABS-2, and HRABS-3, and collectively as HRABS) and polynucleotides which identify and encode HRABS. The invention also provides genetically engineered expression vectors and host cells comprising the nucleic acid sequences encoding HRABS and a method for producing HRABS. The invention also provides for use of HRABS and agonists, antibodies, or antagonists specifically binding HRABS, in the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with expression of HRABS. Additionally, the invention provides for the use of antisense molecules to polynucleotides encoding HRABS for the treatment of diseases associated with the expression of HRABS. The invention also provides diagnostic assays which utilize the polynucleotide, or fragments or the complement thereof, and antibodies specifically binding HRABS.

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