R2D2: an enzyme of RNA silencing

Chemistry: molecular biology and microbiology – Micro-organism – tissue cell culture or enzyme using process... – Preparing compound containing saccharide radical

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C435S006120, C435S069100, C536S024500

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Methods for making siRNA comprise recombinantly coexpressing a Dicer protein with an R2D2 protein to form a complex comprising the R2D2 protein and the Dicer protein, and contacting the complex with a double-stranded (ds) RNA under conditions wherein the complex cleaves the dsRNA into siRNA. The R2D2 protein may be aDrosophilaR2D2 protein and the Dicer protein may be aDrosophilaDicer-2 protein. The Dicer protein and the R2D2 protein may be coexpressed in insect cells, such as S2, Sf9 or Hi5 cells, using a baculovirus expression system.

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