Quilted craft article and method and kit for making same

Stock material or miscellaneous articles – Structurally defined web or sheet – Including stitching and discrete fastener – coating or bond


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The present invention provides a substrate having a pattern of a quilted article on one surface thereof. The substrate is preferably a rigid, but relatively easily cut material such as expanded polystyrene. Slits are cut into the substrate along the lines defining the pattern. A paper pattern having thereon a pattern identical to one on the substrate is also provided. The pattern comprises sections identified by numbers and all sections identified by the same number have the same quilt element. The quilt elements are made by cutting sections from the paper pattern and using the sections as templates to cut pieces of fabric somewhat larger than the template, resulting in the creation of excess fabric surrounding the template. The pieces of fabric are then attached to the substrate by punching the excess fabric into the slits surrounding the corresponding section on the substrate. The process is repeated for other sections on the substrate to produce the completed quilted article. The resulting article is substantially the same in appearance as one produced by conventional methods requiring a high degree of manual dexterity and artistic talent.

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