Quarternary pyridinium salts

Organic compounds -- part of the class 532-570 series – Organic compounds – Heterocyclic carbon compounds containing a hetero ring...


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546147, 546169, 546174, 546286, 546287, 546288, 546291, 546294, 546295, 546296, 546298, 546299, 546300, 546315, 546316, 546318, 546321, 546322, 546323, 546326, 546328, 546335, C07D21538, C07D21362, C07D21370, C07D21356




The invention provides novel amino acids and peptides containing them which comprise a dihydropyridine.revreaction.pyridinium salt-type redox system and which provide site-specific and sustained delivery of pharmacologically active peptides to the brain. These new amino acids contain a redox system appended directly or via an alkylene bridge to the carbon atom adjacent to the carboxyl carbon and may be incorporated into a peptide chain at a variety of positions, including non-terminal positions.

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